(ORDER) מגילת אנטיוכס Megillat Antiokhus, the Scroll of Antiokhus and Additional Writing Concerning the Festival of Ḥanukkah

This new edition of the 2nd century CE מגילת אנטיוכס, the Scroll of Antiokhus, presents Menaḥem Zvi Kaddari’s critical edition of the Aramaic text, side-by-side with Dr. John C. Reeve’s scholarly translation in English. These are accompanied by a popular Hebrew translation by Rabbi Behr Frank and a Yiddish translation of the same by Rabbi Jospeh Adler. This is the… Read more →

Dimus Parrhesia Press

Dimus Parrhesia Press is a libre Open Access independent publishing house dedicated to printing new and historical works of Jewish magic and myth, liturgy and theurgy, folklore and fantasy smuggled from across the River Sambatyōn.   דִּימוּס δῆμος dimus ≈ short for dimosia, a Commons, open to everyone. פַּרְהֶסְיַא παρρησία parrhesia ≈ bold, honest, open speech. Read more →


Dimus Parrhesia Press accepts submissions of scholarship and fiction, poetry and prose related to Jewish liturgy and theurgy, magical praxis, myth, and fantastic lore. We accept both short form and long form writing and artwork. Our aim is to publish two journals combining material related to the above topics, and four books dedicated to one of these topics, each year.… Read more →