Periodic Table of the Hebrew Aleph Bet Emphasizing Phonetic Grouping, Symbolic Association, and Diversity of Letter Form

$10, Poster is printed double-sided in full color on 11×17 inch white paper and laminated.

Periodic Table of Hebrew-tabloid v.4.1Basic Hebrew letter and vowel lists adorn the opening pages of a number of siddurim published a century ago — evidence of the centrality of the Jewish prayer book as a common curricular resource. Aharon Varady created this Hebrew letter chart in accord with what he wished he could have had as a resource when he was 11 years old. His intention for this chart is to represent the letters in as full diversity of symbolic meaning as is suggested in the forms of the letters, the meaning of the letter names, and even the phonetic letter groupings per the Sefer Yetzirah. Clockwise from top right, each letter box shows the familiar Vilna Hebrew typeface surrounded by the following:

  • Numerical value (Gematriah)
  • Sofer Stam (Ashkenaz) calligraphic script
  • Block letter form (Gilda Alef typeface)
  • Cursive script
  • Abraham Garton’s “RASHI” script
  • Proto-Canaanite letter form
  • Israelite-Samaritan letter form

On the reverse of the poster is a letter pronunciation guide similar to that found in Siddur Torah Ohr (Schulzinger Bros. 1940).

All proceeds benefit Aharon Varady’s work on the Open Siddur Project and the Jewish Free Culture Society.