Our Staff

Aharon Varady, printerExecutive and Managing Editor

Aharon N. Varady. Founding director of the Open Siddur Project. Co-founder, the Jewish Free Culture Society. (M.A. Jewish Education, JTSA/Davidson)

I created Dimus Parrhesia Press in order to carry the banner of Jewish magic and fantasy literature in our age. There are many Jewish artists, writers, and scholars intrigued and inspired by the literature of Jewish magic. I intend for them all to have a home and to help bring about the necessary platforms by which this genre and topic might be discussed as a living and collaborative interest connecting them and their investigations historically and as creatives in our own time. The scope of interest for this publishing house includes Jewish liturgy, both as a reflective practice and as theurgy with implicit and explicit angelological references, and so describes the pro bono work I have dedicated already for many years in publishing online the content of work contributed to the Open Siddur Project.