Midbar Quest (מְרַגְּלִים בַּמִדְבָּר) • A Guided Tabletop Adventure Roleplaying Activity Set in the Landscapes & Lore of the Jewish Imagination

Midbar Quest is a tabletop adventure roleplaying activity where participants generate characters that explore the landscapes and lore of the Jewish imagination. It is an immersive storytelling activity in which the decisions of the participants guide the story forward. It is improvisational within the setting of an eclectic group of Israelites and non-Israelites, humans and non-humans volunteering as scout/spies performing reconnaissance outside the blessed camp of the Israelites in the Midbar (wilderness) four years into the Exodus from Mitsrayim.

The world in which Midbar Quest is related is mythopoetic rather than strictly historical, which is to say that history is but one ingredient we use to flesh out new stories derived from so many different strands of Jewish fantasy literature. By emphasizing myth, legend, and storytelling over history, we advance our explicit goal of developing interest and fluency in the fantasy world of the Jewish cultural imagination. The implicit goal of Midbar Quest is for their to be a safe space where Jewish knowledge and skills can be used to develop characters in an immersive environment where Torah can be perceived directly.

Currently, Midbar Quest is under development. An early version of our player’s guide is available for early adopters. The Player’s Guide (version 0.5) contains the seed of a Maggid Manual (Storyteller’s Guide). Also in development are a Menagerie of Divine & Earthbound Beings, and a Book of Theurgies for Baalei Shem and Healers. For more information on how to bring Midbar Quest to your classroom or institution, please contact us.

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