Midbar Quest (מְרַגְּלִים בַּמִדְבָּר) • A Guided Tabletop Adventure Roleplaying Activity Set in the Landscapes & Lore of the Jewish Imagination

Midbar Quest is a tabletop adventure roleplaying activity where participants generate characters that explore the landscapes and lore of the Jewish imagination. It is an immersive storytelling activity in which the decisions of the participants guide the story forward. It is improvisational within the setting of an eclectic group of Israelites and non-Israelites, humans and non-humans volunteering as scout/spies performing… Read more →

(ORDER) The ARK Project: Service-Learning with Animals by the Jewish Initiative for Animals

Editions Workbook (B/W) $18.95 USDWorkbook (Color) $44.95 USD GRATIS/FREE, FULL DOWNLOAD (PDF, 9MB) The Ark Project workbook for individual students provides all of the resources a student will need to plan, develop, and implement a service-learning project focused on animal welfare in the year leading up to their b’nai mitzvah. The workbook includes a variety of resources: Guidelines for choosing… Read more →

(ORDER) The Book of Earth and Other Mysteries by Rabbi Jill Hammer

Price: $18.95 (not including tax and shipping) The Book of Earth and Other Mysteries showcases the richness, daring, playfulness and tough-minded precision of Jill Hammer’s imagination – an imagination in which the poetic and the spiritual, the domestic and the archetypal, are passionately, eloquently intertwined. Superabundantly alive, Hammer’s poems dance with dragons, plumb the paths between life and death, storm… Read more →

Our Staff

Executive and Managing Editor Aharon N. Varady. Founding director of the Open Siddur Project. Co-founder, the Jewish Free Culture Society. (M.A. Jewish Education, JTSA/Davidson) I created Dimus Parrhesia Press in order to carry the banner of Jewish magic and fantasy literature in our age. There are many Jewish artists, writers, and scholars intrigued and inspired by the literature of Jewish… Read more →

Publishing Services

Do you need expert design, printing, and consulting services for publishing a book or other Jewish work incorporating Hebrew liturgy? Are you concerned with the correct positioning of Hebrew text with vowel marks, matters of copyright and the Public Domain, preserving digital media in standards compliant and future-proof digital file formats? Dimus Parrhesia Press aids publishers, large and small, in… Read more →

(ORDER) אמרי לב Prayers and Meditations for Every Situation and Occasion of Life by Rabbi Arnaud Aron, translated by Hester Rothschild

אמרי לב (Statements of the Heart) Prayers and Meditations for Every Situation and Occasion in Life is an English translation of אמרי לב Prières d’un Coeur Israelite, a collection of prayers intended to be used as a companion to Jewish ritual compiled by Arnaud Aron, grand rabbi of Strasbourg and published in 1848. The translation from the French by Hester… Read more →

(ORDER) מגילת אנטיוכס Megillat Antiokhus, the Scroll of Antiokhus and Additional Writing Concerning the Festival of Ḥanukkah

This new edition of the 2nd century CE מגילת אנטיוכס, the Scroll of Antiokhus, presents Menaḥem Zvi Kaddari’s critical edition of the Aramaic text, side-by-side with Dr. John C. Reeve’s scholarly translation in English. These are accompanied by a popular Hebrew translation by Rabbi Behr Frank and a Yiddish translation of the same by Rabbi Jospeh Adler. This is the… Read more →