Midbar Quest (מְרַגְּלִים בַּמִדְבָּר) • A Guided Tabletop Adventure Roleplaying Activity Set in the Landscapes & Lore of the Jewish Imagination

Midbar Quest is a tabletop adventure roleplaying activity where participants generate characters that explore the landscapes and lore of the Jewish imagination. It is an immersive storytelling activity in which the decisions of the participants guide the story forward. It is improvisational within the setting of an eclectic group of Israelites and non-Israelites, humans and non-humans volunteering as scout/spies performing… Read more →

Our Staff

Executive and Managing Editor Aharon N. Varady. Founding director of the Open Siddur Project. Co-founder, the Jewish Free Culture Society. (M.A. Jewish Education, JTSA/Davidson) I created Dimus Parrhesia Press in order to carry the banner of Jewish magic and fantasy literature in our age. There are many Jewish artists, writers, and scholars intrigued and inspired by the literature of Jewish… Read more →

Publishing Services

Do you need expert design, printing, and consulting services for publishing a book or other Jewish work incorporating Hebrew liturgy? Are you concerned with the correct positioning of Hebrew text with vowel marks, matters of copyright and the Public Domain, preserving digital media in standards compliant and future-proof digital file formats? Dimus Parrhesia Press aids publishers, large and small, in… Read more →

Dimus Parrhesia Press

Dimus Parrhesia Press is a libre Open Access independent publishing house dedicated to printing new and historical works of Jewish magic and myth, liturgy and theurgy, folklore and fantasy smuggled from across the River Sambatyōn.   דִּימוּס δῆμος dimus ≈ short for dimosia, a Commons, open to everyone. פַּרְהֶסְיַא παρρησία parrhesia ≈ bold, honest, open speech. Read more →


Dimus Parrhesia Press accepts submissions of scholarship and fiction, poetry and prose related to Jewish liturgy and theurgy, magical praxis, myth, and fantastic lore. We accept both short form and long form writing and artwork. Our aim is to publish two journals combining material related to the above topics, and four books dedicated to one of these topics, each year.… Read more →