Dimus Parrhesia Press

Dimus Parrhesia Press is a libre Open Access independent publishing house dedicated to printing new and historical works of Jewish magic and myth, liturgy and theurgy, folklore and fantasy smuggled from across the River Sambatyōn.


דִּימוּס δῆμος

dimus ≈ short for dimosia, a Commons, open to everyone.

פַּרְהֶסְיַא παρρησία

parrhesia ≈ bold, honest, open speech.


נתנה תורה דימוס פרהסיא במקום הפקר, שאלו נתנה בארץ ישראל, היו אומרים לאומות העולם: “אין להם חלק בה,“ לפיכך נתנה דימוס פרהסיא, במקום הפקר, “וכל הרוצה לקבל יבא ויקבל!“‏

Torah was given over dimus parrhesia in a maqom hefqer (a place belonging to no one). For had it been given in the land of Yisrael, they would have had cause to say to the nations of the world, “you have no share in it.” Thus was it given over dimus parrhesia in a place belonging to no one: “Let all who wish to receive it, come and receive it!” (Mekhilta de Rebbi Yishmael on Shemot 19:2, tractate Baḥodesh, ch. 1.)