Publishing Services

Do you need expert design, printing, and consulting services for publishing a book or other Jewish work incorporating Hebrew liturgy? Are you concerned with the correct positioning of Hebrew text with vowel marks, matters of copyright and the Public Domain, preserving digital media in standards compliant and future-proof digital file formats?

Dimus Parrhesia Press aids publishers, large and small, in bringing new and historic works to print, properly typed and beautifully designed.


We provide:

  • planning consultation for your publishing project whether it’s a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, some other simḥa, or something else altogether.
  • personalized design and layout services for pamphlets and books, siddurim and maḥzorim, or birkonim (benschers).
  • expert support for individuals and organizations, schools and synagogues, and even to other publishers.
  • guidance in matters of copyright and Public Domain content in the United States, Europe, Israel, and around the world.


We are proud of our past work for the following clients:


Teva Learning Alliance

Adamah Fellowship

Elat Ḥayyim at Isabella Freedman Retreat Center

Jews United for Justice


the Open Siddur Project

Open Source Judaism and the Jewish Free Culture Society

Olam Hazeh Publishing Company

The Wedding of Casey Baruch Yurow and Rivka Sack

the Bat Mitzvahs of Maya and Amira Ben-Tal

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