Siman l’Vanim: a birkon/bentsher for mixed Sefaradi & Ashkenazi families – B&W Paperback


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Siman L’vanim (“a sign to the children“) is a birkon/bentsher (blessing-book) prepared in celebration of the wedding of Honi Sanders and Simona Dalin on July 7th, 2019. The birkon contains versions of the birkat hamazon common to both Sefaradi and Ashkenazi communities. The translation and transliteration of the Sefaradi nusaḥ follows that of Hazzan Isaac Azose. The translation and transliteration of the Ashkenazi nusaḥ was prepared by Aharon Varady of Dimus Parrhessia Press who also designed the bentsher.

The birkon also contains translations of zemirot by Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, z”l, from his Tehillat Hashem Yedaber Pi sabbath supplement, new translations by Honi and Akiva Sanders, and translations adapted by Aharon Varady from his Siddur Livnat haSapir (Dimus Parrhesia Press 2017).



This book contains the Birkat haMazon (Blessing after Meals) in the Sepharadi and Ashkenazi traditions, songs and prayers of the Shabbat meals, as well as a brief history of the fifteenth of Av. It is the second expanded edition of a birkon (blessing book) originally compiled by Miriam Sarah Hasson on the occasion of her wedding, and dedicated to her husband, David Avram Sanders. In her dedication, she wrote, “I pray that we will have a long and happy life together. I also dedicate this book to the hosts, my parents, who have taught me to love the tradition contained in these pages.” This edition of the birkon is dedicated by Miriam and David’s son, Honi Sanders, to the memory of his mother, whose personality inspires his entire life. This edition is also dedicated to Honi’s bride, Simona Dalin, for her love and affection, and in the hope that our life together
be an ongoing project of creativity.

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